Innovation from tradition


From sand processing to blasting

Casting iron and malleable iron is the complex interaction of numerous stages of manufacturing. VS is accomplished in the performance of this procedure down to the tiniest detail, from the preparation of moulding material to the casting process itself and on to the subsequent blasting of the tempered cast part.

Finest natural sand from our own sand pit

Having our own sand pit with the finest natural sands is a unique selling point in the casting industry. The fully-automated processing of the extremely fine-grained natural sand into high-quality moulding material enables us to achieve unusually even and fine surfaces on our cast parts.

The other processes are also tailored to one another, thus ensuring that both the individual processes and the process chain as a whole satisfy the high requirements of reliability and quality. We place value on the fact that the processes are controlled with an appropriate degree of automation. A number of examples of our plant and equipment:

  • Shell mould core shooters
  • Induction smelting units
  • Induction casting furnaces
  • Disamatic® moulding machines
  • Pusher-type annealing furnaces and
  • Tumble blasting machines


Model and tool making


Model and tool making creates the prerequisites for the high quality of the cast parts that we produce. For large series in particular, the precision of the models and tools is of decisive importance. For this reason, we ensure that these activities are conducted in-house – from design to series readiness.

In addition to modern CAD, CAM and CNC-assisted manufacturing, the know-how of our highly-qualified and specialised employees is a decisive factor.

Perfectly formed,
down to the finishing touch

Follow-on processes


VS offers a one-stop solution, from development to delivery of the ready-to-fit part. Whether you are looking for a particular surface finish, mechanical processing or final assembly of the components – we put the finishing touches to your order!


To ensure that even the smallest ridges and edges are eliminated, small parts can be smoothed in our carousel machine on request. This tumbling process is used in particular for cast parts with high optical requirements.


Calibration, cutting and alignment on various presses serve to further improve the manufacturing tolerance of the cast parts. In many cases this enables an economical alternative to cutting.


Additional surface finishing enables the cast parts to be used in the most varied of applications:

Zinc coating, applied galvanically or using a hot-dip method, increases the corrosion resistance of the material.

Chromate coating enhances corrosion resistance further and enables the product to be coloured, for example yellow, blue, olive or black.

Other galvanic procedures also enable coating with copper, nickel or chrome.

In addition, we also offer finishing with painting, nitriding, carbonitriding or inductive hardening.


The even mechanical properties of temper and grey-cast methods mean that they are ideally suited for machining processes such as turning, drilling and milling. VS has the know-how and equipment to process large series to the state of the art in CNC technology.


We support your product from development to assembly. Naturally, the assembly of the various components to form one unit forms part of our offer.

Quality management

Our quality management is certified to ISO 9001. As a result, all processes correspond to high standards and are monitored and controlled continuously using modern measurement and analysis equipment.

In addition, it goes without saying that our production also satisfies the highest environmental and energy standards. To underscore this, our environmental, management is certified to ISO 14001 and our energy management to ISO 50001.